Advantages Of Using MVP In Agile Software Development

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Last updated at July 12, 2022
Advantages Of Using MVP In Agile Software Development

The effectiveness of agile software development relies significantly on the minimal viable product (MVP). This methodology divides the product development process into iterations, enabling quick and frequent testing of the functioning of the software.


Creating MVP in the agile method implicates relatively short and logical stages like you’ll need to define the issue, set up a  minimal set of features to aid users in solving problems and present it to real customers for their feedback.


Thus, your development teams can reduce risks and quickly execute necessary changes, focusing on what’s most crucial.


In this article, learn why creating an MVP has so many advantages and how agile software development enables you to generate business value and emphasize user feedback.


What is Agile MVP?


Agile MVP means a product that includes features to meet customers' demands and gather feedback for prospective product development enhancement. It is an iterative procedure that offers products to deserving clients in small parts instead of giving the whole application at once.


Moreover, why do most software development projects fail? According to research, 42% of mobile applications and software developments fail due to insufficient understanding of the market and target audience requirements. Further, 19% fail due to weak product core attributes. 


Unfortunately, numerous startups encounter issues in development such as wrong market timing, premature scaling, expense issues, etc. Though, today it is feasible to go smoothly through the development approaches and flourish with the help of agile MVP.  Some famous examples of agile MVPs are Airbnb, Dropbox, Facebook, Groupon, etc. 


So, the agile MVP is a compilation of 3 terms with an essential purpose:


  • Minimum - It means MVP employs a minimum and accessible collection of feature delivery.
  • Viable - It tells furnishing customer value and gathers customers’ comments.
  • Product - It means a final product.


Therefore, agile MVP is the miniature unit of entire agile project management. It is less expensive to analyze the MVP's obtained insights than to build a product with comprehensive functionality.


Advantages of using MVP in Agile Product Development 


To implement agile MVP, firstly, you should learn its benefits, so let’s look at some of the usefulness described below.


1. Early Testing of Product Features


Agile MVP allows you to examine many features at the early phase of product development depending on the customers’ and the market’s mindset. The information gathered through the premise will assist you in marketing the product fast and effectively to the widest possible audience.


2. Constant Knowledge and Development


The agile MVP is an iterative method that fosters constant learning based on client feedback and acquiring insights. This information will assist your product development staff to evaluate product transition and refinement. The iterations will aid in adding more user-centric features.


3. Less Investments


In agile MVP, you have already studied the market and built a belief to experiment with the product concept; this lets your development team offer increased customer value at the lowest cost. With fewer investments, you can gain several customers and later increase investments based on the count of customers or users.


4. Understanding of Market


You understand market needs well with agile MVP and can achieve higher client satisfaction. You can add necessary features to the product using gained insights from the iterations. This way, you'll be able to build totally-fledged, successful, and distinct products among your competitors’ products. 


5. Decreased Risks 


New projects are always escorted by different risks connected with the time required for the product evolution. Agile MVP assists in shortening project expansion timeframes, thus decreasing crapshoots. Some common threats are the following: 


  • delinquency in fulfilling deadlines of a large project
  • insufficient budget, so you attempt to spend extra money than was anticipated at the beginning
  • concentrating on incorrect user demands during the development directs to the risk of getting unsatisfied consequences since users will not purchase the product 
  • the chance of creating wrong decisions due to false beliefs regarding the clients without honest feedback from them
  • the risk of squandering money and time on development if the product is entirely unsuccessful on the market.


Some Important Reasons Why you Should use MVP in Implementing Agile Methods?


  • Agile MVP facilitates testing a product employing minimum resources and accelerates learning.
  • It aids in enhancing customer satisfaction by improving products according to their feedback.
  • It eliminates unnecessary wastage of working time. 
  • According to the data gathered, it is advantageous to construct a foundation for other products.
  • It assists in specifying brand construction.
  • It enables you to provide the product to early customers as soon as possible.
  • Agile MVP is incredibly useful in bridging the transmission gaps between the customer, developer, and teams working on the product.
  • The MVPs streamline product design activities at affordable prices.
  • It is an organized practice to explore a product's hidden ideas, achieving the best consumer value and the company’s success.
  • The Agile MVP delivers validated understanding based on the iterative methodology of constant feedback.
  • Agile MVP prevents money loss and avoids loss in any venture.
  • It helps in building good customer connections.




After reading this article, we hope you understand the importance of MVP in agile software development. We at Noetic have an outstanding team of MVP programmers, and we are serving many businesses to thrive with the use of MVP agile development. Hence, hurry up and inform us if we could do anything satisfactory for your organization. 


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