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We had a great experience working with Stellar. They are bridging the gap between the Investor community and Companies that have compelling growth stories and are led by a strong management team.

Location Mumbai, India
Industry Finance
Services Web Application
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Project Overview

They wanted to build a SaaS portal to manage all the meetings conducted to advise their clients on Strategic and Capital Markets communications to effectively create great outcomes and position them within the financial community during transformative events as well as normal-course of business. They wanted a complete custom solution where they can measure each team members productivity and keep a detailed record of their research work.

The problem

The client was a Non-Tech Founder of a finance industry, he was tired of finding the right tools and resources, and it took a long time to get started. He had no experience in building and managing a tech team and never developed a product before.

The client wanted to build the SaaS solution for himself, but he needed help to not waste his time where he can hire an agency who can build a product for them. Aso get rid of development progress so that he can concentrate on is business

Our Approach


We gathered the requirements for all modules and conceptualize the whole custom solution and identified & secured key project resources


We captured and evaluated the current workflows against the requirements. We designed the complete business & technical systems and enabled traceability matrix


Developed task, interaction/meetings, research management with contacts & company repository and leads tracker interfaces with backend integrations.

Test & Launch

Executed System & performance testing test plans and report. After testing we delivered the project to Stellar IR

Design Screenshots

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Technology Used

AWS Services :
Elastic Compute
Cloud (EC2)
Simple Storage
Service (S3)
Relational Database
Services (RDS)
API Gateway
API Gateway
API Gateway
API Gateway
Simple Emailing
Service (SES)

The Solution

In order to start quickly, We created a road map of the complete development cycle, and we helped them with the team with appropriate expertise right from designing to development and launching their platform. Our team helped the client create wireframes which defined the structure of information in their SaaS.

Once we finalized the wireframes, we brought in UI/UX designers to create a visual transformation. In parallel, our backend developers designed the full architecture of the product.

The Result

We used agile development practices to track the progress of development. We helped our client visualize the SAAS application with clear milestones and implemented it. They achieved their objectives more quickly and at less cost than by using traditional methods. The client gained freedom from managing their IT systems, allowing them to concentrate on their core business.

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