KitaabShoppe Online School Supplies

We worked together with the SriKaya Enterprise team to create KitaabShoppe a B2C e-commerce platform to help users buy books, uniforms, and stationary relevant to their school.

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Location Gurgaon, Haryana, India
Industry Retail
Services Responsive Web Application
Mobile Application

Project Overview

SriKaya Enterprise had the idea of building a B2C e-commerce platform that helps users buy books, uniforms, and stationery relevant to their school. Having multiple chains of schools, initially, they had an idea to offer to their students; gradually, they wanted to expand to all users of different schools across the country.

Design Process

The advent of the online marketplace has made it easier than ever for students to get their hands on the necessary school supplies. It can be hard to know which platform to use with many options available. Fortunately, the online marketplace has eliminated many of the barriers that used to exist with school supplies, such as long waiting times and high shipping costs.

Noetic designed a scalable system architecture to access the online marketplace to make it easier for students to get the supplies they need for school.


The Challenge :

Kitaabshoppe wanted to offer a wide variety of products from different schools, and users can search by subject, brand, or category. The platform also needs an advanced cart system that makes it easy for users to select items. Once they have chosen, they can pay for their purchase using various credit and debit cards. Kitaabshoppe also wanted to offer a wide range of delivery options, including doorstep delivery and onsite pickup.


Thought Process

The client wanted to launch a scalable e-commerce platform and increase its brand value. Our approach was to create a UI/UX design where the end-user can seamlessly search a wide range of products and buy out with an advanced cart system.


UX Design


Prototype Testing

Once the design was ready, we created a prototype app to test the performance. The application provided students with school supplies. He wanted to launch a valuable product with scalable and predictable RoI on the growing market. We tested all the user flows and journeys of a user. Additionally, they were concerned about the application's security due to burgeoning cybersecurity threats and attacks in the e-commerce sector.


The Solution :

Noetic analyzed the competition and decided on the client's list of features, and we installed Hotjar to analyze user behavior with heatmaps and recording in the application. We followed agile methodology and created a wireframe, and It was essential to make sure there was an existing final user's pain. We decomposed the project and budget into miles, finalized the idea with the customer, and came up with the last fixes.

Challenges Overcome

The Client's goal was to rebuild the application with the latest cloud and web technologies.

The client was a Non-Tech Founder of an Education Industry with ties to various schools; The client’s goal was to launch a valuable product with scalable and predictable RoI in the growing market.

However, the client struggled to find a reliable team, as software development vendors didn't understand the idea and ways to make it happen. The client did not have experience in product development before, was tired of working with freelancers, and could not keep up with the pace of change.

The Client struggled to get a reliable team to realize his idea
The Client, being a Non-tech founder, lacked the experience in product development
The Client was tired of working with sub-par freelancers who couldn’t keep up.

Technology Used

AWS Services
Simple Storage
Service (S3)
Relational Database
Services (RDS)
API Gateway
API Gateway
Simple Emailing
Service (SES)

The Results :

The client came to us with the core concept for an idea. Our team listened to this and helped the client understand what deliveries would work best to test the product/market fit. We then created a rapid iterative development process to test the product/market fit within a tight timeline. The client launched the product in three months.

Value Delivered :

After delivering a project to the Client that brought the Customer's project to life, the Noetic project team brought KitaabShoppe to a new level of interaction between students, parents, and publishers. The platform offered centralized processes, standardized interfaces, and optimized retailer-ERP communication. As a result of the platform's implementation, sales at KitaabShoppe increased by three times while providing discounts on School supplies.

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