Biltrax Construction Data

Biltrax (Data Insights & Analytics) is a leading market intelligence platform that helps analyze, target, and build industry relationships in public and private sector construction projects.

Location Navi Mumbai, India
Industry Construction
Services Multiple Web Applications
The Intro


Biltrax is India’s leading Market Intelligence provider and pioneers in Construction Relationship Analytics Platform for building product manufacturers, suppliers, architects, engineers, contractors and service providers. They help their subscribers identify and execute on growth opportunities for their subscriber services and product.

The Intro

The Challenges

The client was a Non-Tech Founder of a construction data company; he hired a developer via an agency where he could not establish the impact of his product in the market.

The client's goal was to rebuild the application with the latest cloud and web technologies.

Their IT system was comprised of one member, so they could not harness the total productivity of the application. The client had to engage with developers and micromanage things, which held him away from their primary role. They were struggling to find a reliable technology partner who can overcome their challenges.

Technology Used

Bootstrap CSS
AWS Services :
Elastic Compute
Cloud (EC2)
Simple Storage
Service (S3)
Relational Database
Services (RDS)
API Gateway
API Gateway
API Gateway

The Solution

We created a road map of the complete development cycle, and we helped them with the team with appropriate expertise right from designing to development and launching their platform.

We helped the client with awareness of the SAAS stack, identified the challenges, and assigned it to the experts. We helped them visualize their product by wireframing product.

After developing the wireframes, we achieved visual transformation with UI/UX designers. Meanwhile, our backend developers designed the complete architecture of the product.

We opted for agile development practices to track the progress of development. All the communications were done through Slack, JIRA Issues, and weekly sync calls with their Business Development Manager for their successful product. After the successful integration of UI/UX with APIs, we were ready with MVP for launch.


The Result

We helped the client visualize the SAAS application with clear milestones and implemented it. They achieved their objectives quicker and cheaper with our services. The client gained freedom from managing their IT systems and concentrating on their core business, which helped them gain prominence in the market and stand out among their peers.

main outcomes

The Main Result

With the innovative design of our application, the client stood out among the competition in terms of user experience, which increased their brand value tremendously and never realized any cyber breach. The application is positioned to help thousands of Companies & Professionals in India's Building Sector profit from Faster, Informed Decisions using our Data Insights & Analytics. It enables Sales, Marketing & Business Development Teams of Construction Material Manufacturers, Distributors, Turnkey & Trade Contractors, Design, Engineering & Project Management Consultants with growth opportunities. The application's subscription skyrocketed, and revenue increased 7x, which enabled them to expand their team and hit the ground running.

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