Why Should You Choose Custom Web Development Over WordPress Development?

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Last updated at July 23, 2022
Why Should You Choose Custom Web Development Over WordPress Development?

A fantastic website is essential for any business looking to develop a solid online presence since websites are the mediums that inform your clients more about your business.


Thus, creating a good website becomes vital for you, which requires some planning and decision-making. So whenever you have thought about launching a fantastic website, you must first ask whether you should pick custom web development or WordPress development?  


The option you prefer depends on multiple factors, such as your business size, budget, required features, and business needs. So you might get confused. However, in today’s time, custom-developed websites have more benefits; why?


Don't worry; we will tell you the answer to this question. Noetic has brought this informative article explaining why you need to consider custom web development over WordPress development.


Advantages of Custom Web Development Over WordPress Development 


Favourably Customisable


While WordPress ensembles multiple features via add-ons and plugins, you are restricted to the functionalities supplied by available plugins. 


Most everyday needs on the web can be satisfied via plugins. Still, if you desire your business website to be distinctive and present something more than everyone else, you will be required to create custom attributes. Hence, in this case, you should choose custom developed website. 


Introduce Your Brand Identity


WordPress provides you with in-built UI and design templates using which you can launch a website quickly, but you will lose the ability to introduce your brand identity due to a template-based website. 


However, if you are thinking of doing customisation of WordPress templates, then why not you should choose to build a completely custom website? Instead of wasting time on customising those inbuilt templates.


A custom-created website allows you to bring your brand identity to each aspect of your website, like colour selection, design parts, layout, custom font, and more. So, if you are a brand-conscious business person, a custom website would be the correct option for you.


More Protected


Today technology is evolving, but hackers are also becoming thieves who can steal your confidential data from websites. Numerous hackers are actively trying to find new paths to hack into a system.


In the case of WordPress website development, if hackers discover a loophole in one website, they can crack into any other WordPress website using the same loophole. 


Nonetheless, if a hacker discovers a flaw in a custom-designed website, his discovery will only apply to that specific website since such websites are more secure. WordPress and other template-based websites are frequently targeted by hackers, which is why you often see stories about them.


Another reason why a custom-made website is safer is that most of its aspects are developed customisable without employing any readymade plugins. It will significantly decrease the attack surface and protect your website more than WordPress-based websites. 


Adequate Performance


Concerning performance, customised websites are decisive winners. If you need a simple informational website, you can prefer WordPress since it has caching systems and extra plugins that load quickly.


But if you require complex and heavy user interface features, then WordPress could slow down your website. In comparison, customised websites can load faster even with complex features. Custom-designed websites might be a better option for you because page performance and speed are becoming more and more crucial for SEO.


Better SEO Approaches


While you can achieve all SEO operations on a WordPress website via plugins, SEO can also include natively into a website designed just for you. You can prevent performance problems and security risks by not relying on external plugins. 


Additionally, natively, including all SEO components within a website enables complete website customisation to meet sophisticated SEO requirements without restrictions.


If designed correctly, custom websites have a precise benefit over WordPress websites from an SEO viewpoint. You can keep creating or modifying the SEO elements in customised websites as the requirements develop. 


Drawbacks of Plugins


Numerous free plugins are not sufficiently tested and come with safety issues or will have disguised malware for future attacks.


Also, sometimes plugin developers stop updating their plugins, and you will be required to find a replacement immediately if you have a WordPress-based website. 


When the latest versions of WordPress come, many plugins become inconsistent, and you will be incapable of finding a compatible version. Thus, instead of this, you should rely developing on a customised website. 


Grow with Your Business


The purpose of every business owner is to raise and develop their business. Your website should be able to change to meet your company's needs. Your greatest hope for scaling up your firm through internet marketing methods would be a custom-designed website with adequate architecture to accommodate future business expansion.


Clean HTML


Usually, WordPress templates come with excessive HTML complexity and an intricate HTML structure. However, because a custom-designed website is created specifically for you, it will only contain the necessary code to satisfy your unique requirements. Therefore, specially formed websites typically have neater HTML that can perform better on search engines, and you should pick it. 


So, When Would you Choose WordPress-Based Websites?


Well, there are some reasons you can consider WordPress-based websites. Such as if you want to develop a website quickly to represent a small part of your business or if you want to build a website at a low price. 


In such cases, you can compromise on the benefits given by customised websites. WordPress has multiple plugins that permit you to deploy various features at an affordable cost. 


Final Thoughts 


While creating WordPress websites are moderately cheaper, straightforward, and faster to deploy, they might hinder your business growth in the long run. If you can afford more than this, we would like to suggest you choose custom website development. The custom-designed websites can fetch you promising returns for your investment.


After reading this article, we hope you have understood the various advantages of custom-designed websites over WordPress. Further, if you are searching for the best web development service provider, contact Noetic today and build your significant digital presence.


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