What is UX Writing?

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Last updated at February 14, 2023
What is UX Writing?

User experience (UX) writing is a critical aspect of software development and product design. It involves crafting the language and content that users see when interacting with a product, with the goal of providing a seamless and intuitive user experience. In this article, we will explore what UX writing is, what UX writers do, and their responsibilities, as well as what UX writing is not.


What is UX writing?


UX writing is the practice of creating the text that users see and interact with when using a product or software. This can include everything from error messages and button labels to onboarding instructions and help documentation. The goal of UX writing is to make the user experience as clear, concise, and intuitive as possible.


What do UX writers write?


UX writers write a variety of content that supports the user experience, including:


Microcopy content: Short, focused pieces of text that provide guidance or direction to the user, such as error messages, button labels, and tooltips.


User Onboarding content: Tutorials, guides, and other content that helps users learn how to use a product and achieve their goals.


Help and Tutorial: Resources that provide additional information or assistance to users who are struggling with a product.


Brand identity: The overall personality and style of a product's messaging, which should align with the brand's identity and values.


Responsibilities of UX Writers


In addition to writing content, UX writers are responsible for creating deliverables that support the product's user experience. This can include:


Style guides: Documents that outline the product's voice and tone, as well as specific guidelines for how to write and present content.


Handoff documents: Materials that provide context and guidance to other members of the product team, such as designers and developers.


Content audits: Assessments of existing content that identify areas for improvement and optimization.


What UX Writing Isn’t:


There are several common misconceptions about what UX writing is and is not. Here are some things that UX writing is not:


  • It’s not marketing writing: While both disciplines involve crafting compelling language, UX writing is focused on providing clarity and guidance, rather than persuasion.


  • It’s not technical writing: Technical writing is focused on conveying complex technical information, while UX writing is focused on creating an intuitive and user-friendly experience.


  • It’s not blogging: Blogging involves creating long-form content that is intended to inform or entertain readers, while UX writing is focused on providing guidance and support to users.


  • It’s not content strategy: While UX writers may collaborate with content strategists to ensure that content aligns with the product's overall goals, UX writing is focused on creating the specific language and content that users see and interact with.


Wrapping up


UX writing plays a critical role in shaping the user experience of a product. By crafting clear, concise, and intuitive content, UX writers help users achieve their goals and build a positive relationship with the product. To do this effectively, UX writers must understand the needs and preferences of their users, work closely with other members of the product team, and be willing to iterate and improve their content over time.

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