Top 10 SaaS Startups Ideas That You Can Try

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Last updated at July 04, 2022
Top 10 SaaS Startups Ideas That You Can Try

One of the most favourable business models for 2022 is a software as a service or SaaS. It is well-liked by business owners, investors, and clients alike.


Launching your startup is not as simple as you might believe, especially in the SaaS industry. However, these challenges didn't stop you if you are a determined entrepreneur.


You may have witnessed that SaaS consistently topped the finest business model rankings for several years. SaaS startups are at the zenith of their success for this reason.


If you are also looking to run a SaaS startup that can assist you to earn some additional income and yet even turn it into your full-time project. Then, Noetic is going to help you with that ultimately. 


In this post, we will share the top 10 SaaS startup ideas that you can try to build at present and that have the prospect of shifting into beneficial products.


What is a SaaS Model?


Software as a service or SaaS is a cloud-based solution that gives users access to features, technical support, and services according to their monthly or yearly subscription method. 


SaaS products generally can work on both web and mobile platforms, but mobile versions usually have restricted functionality due to the restraints of mobile app interfaces. 


Moreover, SaaS models help you handle and maintain all the servers, databases, and infrastructure needed for your products to operate smoothly. Hence, SaaS continuously offers services to its subscribed members. 


The cost of a SaaS subscription relies on numerous factors, like the number of users with entry to the account, customer support status, storage space, and extra services.


Now have a look at the promising advantages of having a SaaS model in your business:


  1. Business Skillfulness - One of the primary benefits of SaaS startups is their agility and adherence to change. This quality makes SaaS startups more competitive and affordable for business owners.
  2. Scalability - SaaS products allow you to scale your business with your startup's expansion. 
  3. Universal Access – SaaS products offer worldwide access to your data. In this, all the data is kept in the cloud; no matter in which city or country you are, you have access to your account from any gadget.
  4. Low Investment - You can establish a SaaS business without requiring you to invest in costly equipment and hardware. All you require is to generate the software. 
  5. Simpler to Maintain - In a SaaS product, maintenance will be the responsibility of your dealer who made the software in the first place. Regardless, you can hire another team to manage the software anytime.


Startup Ideas That you can Try to Create 


Keeping the advantages of the SaaS business model in mind, we have explained the best 10 SaaS startup suggestions that assist you in launching a successful startup.


1. Property Maintenance 




Property management involves multiple things to keep track of, like legal matters, dealings, and contracts between owners and tenants. Providing a SaaS platform for property maintenance firms will make all these processes manageable for everyone involved.


You can build a SaaS platform and discover demand for commercial and non-commercial markets. We understand it with this example.


Suppose real estate investors want to manage their property portfolios and negotiate with numerous property brokers simultaneously. So they will require to keep track of the legal documents. Here, your SaaS product can assist them in managing all property-related data while doing financial operations.


2. Staff Management


Overlooking employees has always been one of the distress for large enterprises. Even midsize companies deal with keeping track of their employees and having a system that can arrange their tasks, agendas, capabilities training, payroll, etc. 


Hence, you can help small, medium, or big enterprises with your SaaS product. Since a significant portion of workers began working from home due to the pandemic, staffing has become even more challenging.

3. Automated Marketing and Sales Operations 


If you help other businesses to increase their revenue, it will be beneficial for you also. You can provide software that makes their marketing and sales operations automated.  


Marketing and sales automation SaaS software allows companies to combine sales and marketing, evaluate statistics, start marketing campaigns, test new ideas, segment target markets for a more specialised approach, and more.


4. CRM for Freelancers 


In 2020 and 2021, the blossoming of the freelance sector was phenomenal due to the pandemic and remote work. So, CRMs can help freelancers maintain track of all their customers, order on diverse freelance platforms, manage invoices and trades, and organise their work timetables. 


Therefore, you can provide freelancing CRM; since freelancers are self-employed, they should do everything from marketing their brand to project administration and reporting.


5. Video Designing and Editing


Today video creation and editing are the most alluring among businesses for marketing, social media, publicity, and education. Hence, one of the valuable ideas for you to make a SaaS product is a video editing platform. 


You can add templates to simplify the process since video rendering requires much time and effort. Developers, video editors, social media influencers, and marketers who want flawlessly rendered videos would make up your target audience.


Online video editing saves time and allows users to obtain beautiful, high-quality videos. While demand for video-making solutions is at an all-time high, the market is not yet fully developed.


6. Telemedicine


In mobile-first nations with limited access to healthcare, telemedicine first gained popularity. People in faraway locations can receive online consultations, access their health history remotely, and learn about ailments and treatments thanks to mobile technology.


You can offer SaaS telemedicine platforms for hospitals, private clinics, and individual practitioners. Nowadays, telemedicine is famous worldwide. With telemedicine platforms, people bring prescription refills online, get help remotely, and avoid going into overcrowding clinics during the pandemic. 


Moreover, clinics and hospitals can employ telemedicine to aid patients who can’t visit doctors in person and grow their client base by supplying online consultations.

7. Corporate Transmission


Presently, remote work is trending, and companies are looking for suitable and effective ways to keep proper transmission between team members.


SaaS corporate communication platforms are in high demand by businesses of all sizes. However, your product must be highly feature-rich to stay competitive as a SaaS communication platform. It has to comprise text, voice calls, video chatters, group calls, video conferencing, file sharing, parallel meetings, and much more. 


8. Social Media Marketing Platform


Social media is a powerful tool for various businesses' sales, marketing, branding, and customer connections. And sometimes, it becomes difficult for them to manage posting schedules on numerous platforms while continuously generating content. Here’s where social media marketing SaaS platforms come into play. 


You can supply SaaS products that assist companies in organising and handling social media posts in high demand. These platforms must incorporate social network APIs and an auto-scheduling function, which are uncommon in currently available systems.


9. Accounting Solution


Some specialists say that accounting jobs will vanish in the coming 10 to 20 years since technologies like AI and machine learning will be capable of significantly automating an accountant’s work. It assembles accounting as one of the most reasonable ideas for SaaS.


You can present an accounting SaaS tool to businesses of diverse sizes, from individual entrepreneurs to small firms that ought to calculate their taxes accurately. 


10. Content Management Platform


Content planning and management are also vital in modern marketing. Businesses want to employ content planning platforms as a great time-saving opportunity for their marketing team. 


You can adopt this SaaS business idea to help those companies who need to create, plan, and examine the content. It can also inform members regarding any changes and aid in sharing the content on distinct social media accounts at any time.




In this article, you’ve understood different SaaS startup ideas you can employ to launch a SaaS business. 


Please get in touch with us if you wish to build a SaaS platform or need advice on how to test your SaaS concept. Noetic will offer you more SaaS platform suggestions or a thorough estimate and cost for your project.


We’ll also assist you in executing market and competitor research. We’ve already built multiple SaaS platforms for clients in distinct industries. Moreover, if you have any doubts regarding the above subject, leave a comment. 

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