Reasons to redesign your website

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Reasons to redesign your website

In this high network-centric world, a website is the face of your business. In an era where most first contacts are virtual, your website must represent the best marketing tool you have. At Noetic, we take great pride in building custom websites that represent the best in the business.


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Your website is the face of your business


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A website is a critically important business development and marketing tool in this global pandemic era. A website is the face of your business. First impressions matter, and sometimes it is the only chance to impress your customers.


It is the window to your organization. In a split second, it conveys a lot about your business. Is it attracting visitors and making the right first impression? Is it organized and easy to navigate? And, most importantly, does it help you convert visitors into leads and leads into customers?


Your website is the center of online marketing


Whether inbound or outbound, all the marketing activities come through your website.


So rather than looking like an online brochure, your website should be the nerve center of your business. This blog will help you understand the critical steps to redesign your website to focus on maximum impact.


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Top 10 reasons for a website redesign


  • Your website feels obsolete.


If you think your website does not look good, how can you expect others to like it? You need an engaging website, good to look at and puts your best foot forward. The first impression is significant, and in a split second, your website conveys whether you are with times or are left behind.


  • Not a good reflection of your organization


Research has found that visitors will form an opinion about your website (and thus your firm) in as little as 50 milliseconds. And think about this: your firm's website probably makes more first impressions, gives more introductions, and has more follow-up interactions with prospects and clients than your business development staff and principals do. Some questions to consider:


  • When visitors land on your website, what impression does it make?
  • What message does it convey to prospects and clients
  • Does it look and feel outdated?
  • Is it generic, or is it memorable?
  • Does it tell a story about your company and the compelling reasons why someone should do business with you?
  • Does it differentiate your firm from your competitors?
  • Is it dynamic and engaging or copy-heavy and like a brochure?
  • Is it visually appealing with engaging images of your people, your product, and your offerings?


Your website should be engaging, pleasing to the eye, and put your brand's best foot forward.


  • Your website is difficult to navigate


Seamless navigation is critical for a modern website. It is not uncommon for firms to needlessly complicate their websites. Researchers have found that most people prefer an intuitive, friendly, and efficient website.


  • Your website is not mobile-friendly


Mobile devices are the gadgets of choice for users navigating the web. It has become the primary internet viewing device for billions of people. According to Google, nearly 75% of users prefer a mobile-friendly site. Further, 50% of people said they would use them less often if the website is not mobile-friendly, even if they like a business.


If your website doesn't work well on mobile devices, then you could be missing out on a huge business opportunity. If you're building a new website, you might want to consider responsive web design.


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  • It lacks a blogging section


Having a dedicated blogging section increases the traffic by 55%, which helps get more content, increase traffic, and convert visits to leads. It also helps with SEO raising social media marketing. So it would be best if you had a blog. Still, your blog should also be integrated into your overall website design and navigation and cross-promoted in various sections throughout your website.


  • Not converting visitors to leads


Attracting traffic to your website is only the first step. The next step is to convert visitors into identified leads through practical strategies that prompt action.


Many websites were never designed with a lead generation strategy but rather an online marketing material collection. To be fully optimized for lead generation, your site must include premium content, landing pages, and lead capture forms and contain compelling calls-to-action so you can capture leads that ultimately convert to customers.


  • Lack of content management


Most websites these days are built with content management systems(CMS). This helps in editing or updating content on the go and even scheduled maintenance in advance.


At Noetic, we pride ourselves on a content-based and human approach to website design.


  • Functions as a database rather than a business development tool


Does your website look like a database, spitting information in a laundry list rather than a business development model? Your website should be a model for thought leadership, lead generation, and a resource for business development. And that means your website needs to be planned, designed, written, and developed with content marketing and lead generation at the core.


  • Subpar website analytics and search rankings


Website analytics is a great way to benchmark your website's effectiveness, but it isn't just page views and visitors you should be concerned with. Does your website have a high bounce rate? Is the visitor's average time on site concise?


Do you have a low average page view per visit? These can all be indicators that your website and content are not working. What about your search rankings? Does your site rank well for the keywords people use to find the services and products your company provides?


If not, chances are your website has not been adequately optimized for search or uses old-school SEO black-hat tricks that no longer work (and will get your site penalized).


  • Lack of client-focused website architecture and strategy


When designing a website, you must be hyper-focused on the client's needs, answering their questions and providing them with information throughout their journey. Websites that follow their internal organizational charts usually look like brochures and convey the client's wrong message.




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