Impact of Laravel on PHP

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Last updated at April 21, 2022
Impact of Laravel on PHP

To put it simply, PHP was on its way down. Then came Laravel.


Laravel has changed the landscape as we know it. It's hard to argue how fast, scalable, secure, and versatile the Laravel PHP Framework is. You will soon see the advantages of use over other frameworks.


In general, it's clear to see that open source software has made web development much easier. While it is true that there are a range of talented programmers out there who can help you, you might not know exactly want they can do or what sort of fees they charge. Open Source Frameworks are full of easy-to-implement modules that will save you hundreds of hours in coding time. This means you can deploy more features to customers with the same amount of time investment.


Hiring an experienced PHP developer who's knowledgeable about modern frameworks, like Laravel can save you hours of work and make your site safer. You'll spend less time getting your website to market and beat your competition. And this is why we prefer to work with Laravel, an open-source PHP framework. It's very reliable, secure, versatile, and can reduce development spending by 35%.


What is Laravel?


Laravel is an open-source PHP framework created in 2010 by Taylor Otwell. It was designed to address shortcomings in the prevailing framework, CodeIgniter, by including functions like authentication and authorization.


Laravel is open-source and continuously improved, with new module releases that give it more potential. It has 8 versions released, maintaining its popularity with developers.


Why Laravel is popular?


Laravel is a web application platform that’s elegant to use and comes with 18 useful extensions. It’s good at dealing with website login, contact forms, and the like.


Millions of developers around the world use it to develop their software. Its open-source backbone means people can work together and make innovations in the framework.


Laravel’s ease of use, functionality, and affordability make it a great choice for building web apps of any size. And the advantages are undeniable.


Impact of Laravel on PHP framework


Laravel provides many benefits, including authentication, mailers, security, and cross-site scripting. Error handling is also something to keep in mind as your app becomes more complex.


Developers often choose an off-the-rack way of solving coding challenges with functions that are pre-programmed into certain frameworks. This cuts down development costs on specific projects by about 35%.


The best thing about these modules is that they work well with other mail and communication systems. If someone visits your website, then no matter what messaging platform they're on, it's simple for you to communicate with them.


The Laravel framework comes with many advantages, one of which is an impressive array of responsive templates.


Laravel's backend code is separate from the front-end design making it a great solution for businesses of any size. You can always modify your new site according to feedback and deliver a new look in a matter of hours without having to spend months developing a whole new one from scratch.


What are the benefits of Laravel?


Laravel offers a plethora of benefits


Cross-platform Integration


One of Laravel's key strengths is its integrated Mail API, which seamlessly integrates with SwiftMailer drivers and allows you to use SMPT, Mailgun, Mandrill, SparkPost, and more. Your site will be able to send messages/emails on your behalf. To help you trade on the go, we also allow you to use services like Slack.


Secure transactions


If you're building an app that collects user data or handles sensitive payment processing, your first priority should be security. For example, if you're creating a medical app that deals with private patient information, you should prioritize security. Laravel is designed with security in mind and comes equipped with a lot of safeguards. The safety of the codebase is also a top priority, which results in frequent updates to keep it secure


Automated Testing


At Noetic, we love the testing protocols Laravel offers. PHP Unit is built right into Laravel and there's a pre-made phpunit.xml file you can use to quickly get started.

Testing one function at a time with live interaction is possible. This allows the developer to thoroughly check the whole site, as well as monitor how users behave during their visit.


Fast URL Routing


Laravel makes it easy to create a package for your business. All you need to do is set up the Laravel service provider and then add the package plug-in, with an end result of 2 lines. Lots of developers like using Laravel because they find it has many benefits.


Prioritized Messaging


Most robust websites constantly send messages, process purchases, and handle other admin tasks. All messages are important, but some are more time-sensitive than others. For example, information about a purchase or your account renewal could be very important emails you need to read. Laravel lets you prioritize these emails.


Laravel is one of the most popular frameworks and it has many benefits, including that of scalability - which you'll soon see is very important. This means that if your site gets a big amount of traffic at any given point, you can rest easy knowing that Laravel will still ensure the most important messages end up on the user's screen.


Applications for Multiple Languages


Laravel is a powerful routing web framework that has a lot of advantages. Firstly, it’s fast and capable of handling multi-lingual websites with ease. This can be seen when the person browsing your site scrolls from language to language, as Laravel will display the correct page.


Design Templates


Laravel is one of the most popular frameworks out there with tons of advantages to boot. One of them is its default Template Tool, which allows you to choose from many different pre-made layouts, saving you time & effort. It also comes with a package for seeding content onto your site.


With all the sidebars, modal windows, and other touches, all of your pages are sure to look professional. And with all of the widgets you get for less coding work that's already been done, it'll be easier to create a great presentation.


Smart Scheduling


Your website needs to take care of new orders, clean out old communications in your email cache, or dump new orders into your accounting/fulfillment system. Before frameworks like Laravel, it was difficult for programmers to create Cron entries in order to schedule in-app tasks.


One of Laravel's most handy features is the ability to schedule commands within the framework itself. With this module, Cron will only need to be set up on one application server



Why is Laravel preferred? 


 To sum up, Laravel is fast, secure, inexpensive, responsive, flexible, and collaborative.




We love Laravel. It has some major advantages over other frameworks, not just in terms of benefits or functionality, but also because of the business or technical environment that is being used. Whether it's our client’s project or not, Laravel nearly always becomes our first choice.


For your next application project, would you like to have a powerful framework that can easily integrate with other web services? If so, we’d love to talk about the benefits of Laravel and see how this might work for a new build.







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