How Can Salesforce CRM Help Your Business To Grow?

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Last updated at July 13, 2022
How Can Salesforce CRM Help Your Business To Grow?

The best CRM solution in the world is Salesforce CRM, which has helped thousands of businesses maintain their customer associations and develop. 


Client relationships are essential for your organisation's evolution, so you should oversee them as effectively as feasible. Thus, with Salesforce CRM, you can remain connected to your customers, enhance business processes, and extend your company quicker.


If you want to consider employing Salesforce’s services in your business, read this blog. Here we will explain how this CRM can help keep your customers happy. 


What is Salesforce CRM?


The leading cloud-based CRM software in the industry, Salesforce, enables your company to become a more efficient, prosperous, and effective association overall. Since entering the market in the late 1990s, Salesforce has grown to be one of the most innovative and comprehensive CRM systems, capable of meeting the bulk of your company's requirements.


Further, Salesforce CRM offers you a 360-degree picture of your clients and insights into your business. It is a consumer success platform created to trade, investigate markets and attach with customers. 


Some Important Salesforce CRM Statistics


  • Concerning business size, 74% of Salesforce’s customers are small businesses.
  • The research shows more than 150,000 people subscribe to Salesforce's services.
  • With 110 offices worldwide, Salesforce has locations in more than 84 cities.  
  • With 16% of all users, the computer software sector uses Salesforce the most.
  • Almost 88 per cent of the Fortune 100 organisations have used a Salesforce application, which is remarkable.
  • Salesforce CRM joined the Fortune 500 company and is currently ranked 137.
  • Salesforce has included 73,541 employees in the world since 2020, that’s a 30% growth in workers.
  • Businesses most frequently utilise Salesforce in the US. About 45 per cent of all users are from the United States. Some other countries uses this CRM include the UK - 15%, Canada - 10%, Australia - 7%, India - 6.5%


How Can Salesforce CRM Benefit Your Business?


Know Everything About Your Customers


Today, 76% of consumers anticipate businesses to learn everything about them and understand their requirements. It is where Salesforce comes as a convenient option. It keeps and centralises all customer interactions in one system you can watch whenever you desire.


The platform permits you to maintain track of your complete customer history. You can utilise it to discover what customers buy and the circumstances surrounding their most recent call. There is no more pleasant place to be than this. 


The best feature of Salesforce is that it makes sure someone well-versed answers every call from a customer. It ensures the conversation resumes from where it was left off, no matter who picks up the call. It also helps you in reducing the time spent on each customer.


Forecasts What Customers Desire


Salesforce CRM is a great online tool that makes your users feel like they have personal relations. You should predict what they want to augment your relationships. This way, you can provide each customer with an entirely personalised experience. 


Automates Your Tasks


Every big task includes multiple smaller ones like forms, reports, and other issues that might require the team’s complete attention. By automating actions that would otherwise be exceedingly laborious and repetitive, Salesforce relieves you of this burden.


Another significant benefit is Salesforce assists your businesses by automating your marketing plans. Today, marketing concentrates on appreciating individual consumer journeys and personalisation. With Salesforce’s marketing cloud, you can plan & view each customer’s journey. 


This solution will provide you with a marketing automation experience and automates everything so you can take care of other sections of your company. Have a look at the following marketing processes that Salesforce automates for you - 


  • Collects essential information like name, email, and phone number of leads
  • Notify clients when a new product launches
  • Sends an email to individuals who left without completing their buy
  • Gives inactive customers offers
  • Notify consumers when their favourite item goes on sale
  • Update customers about new products according to their previous buys
  • Sends a promo code with a birthday salutation
  • Sends customer fulfilment surveys
  • Chatbot for promising customer assistance
  • Promotes identical products to the customer’s last acquisition


Increase Sales and Revenue


When you build trust with your customers, they will probably recommend your services, buy your products frequently, and even convey their experiences. Finally, these all will aid in expanding your customer sales and revenue. 


Salesforce CRM's flexibility increases team effectiveness, makes customer information accessible at any time and encourages active team cooperation, all of which contribute to increased sales for your business.


Decrease Sales Costs 


New customers are fundamental for steady growth; nurturing these relationships is never cheap. The best part is that Salesforce may assist your company by helping to offset expenditures. You can lower the cost of acquiring new consumers by selling to your current clientele.


You may have improved visibility into upsell, cross-trading, and recurring sale opportunities with Salesforce. You can pursue repeating sales once you've located these chances and established a bond with your clients.


Customer Retention 


Any business must prioritise keeping its customers. Thanks to increased visibility across connections, your teams are better able to be proactive when accounts appear at risk. Additionally, they can provide fresh opportunities at precisely the appropriate time to clients who are already happy.


You may give customers more fulfilling experiences through purchases and services by increasing the openness of campaigns, scenarios, and histories. It encourages repeat purchases from clients.


Future Scope of Salesforce CRM


We must employ technologies and techniques appropriate for our work field. And the future of Salesforce CRM is bright in 2022 & beyond. 


When it comes to helping organisations manage their customer information and automate their business operations for over two decades, no one can be trusted more than Salesforce. Its success is attributable to its two key factors: consistency and innovation, characterising this CRM platform.


This tool regularly updates existing features and adds new ones to keep up with recent technological advancements and market trends. By providing customers with Salesforce data conversion solutions and expanding into new industries, this CRM solution has continued to rediscover itself.


The specialists of this leading CRM advise taking the following steps to prepare your company's sales for the future scope-  


  • Organise operations, marketing, and sales around shared objectives and definitions
  • Concentrate on customer retention via customer-oriented strategies
  • Use personalisation approaches in bulk to improve customers' trust 
  • Continuously make surveys about your business environment, services
  • Established KPIs near significant customer-specific methods to achieve constant outcomes
  • Managing by exception will help you enhance procedures and get better results
  • Recognise profitable clients and the value of client referrals




We hope after going through our article; now you have learnt how powerful Salesforce is and the most helpful tool for your businesses to elevate growth. If you have questions regarding this topic and are looking forward to Salesforce CRM development services, connect with us. The Noetic team will assist you in managing your existing and prospective customers and tracking their data. 

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