Difference Between Web Development and Software Development

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Last updated at July 15, 2022
Difference Between Web Development and Software Development

In today’s business, if your business doesn’t have a prosperous online existence, your business will stand unnoticeable in the market. That’s where engaging websites and web apps come into the image.


Are you or your company interested in constructing custom software but not sure if you should focus on web development or software development? These two technologies have certain similarities, but you should know some significant variances before choosing one.


Don't worry; this article will describe the benefits and differences between web and software development so you can choose the one that best suits your requirements.


What is Web Development?


Web development implicates developing pleasing websites and hassle-free web applications. As the name implies, it is the development of web-based programs that users can operate via any web browser at any time.


Further, web development comprises writing programs, web designing, handling databases, and hosting on web servers. Also, understand the following types of web development to know more about it. 


Front-end Development


Front-end development is also known as client-side development. In this, a user can witness and interacts everything with on a website. Hence, it is the front-end developer's job to create the user interfaces of websites like images, videos, buttons, menus, links etc. 

In addition, frontend developers employ programming languages and markup tools for designing visually engaging web pages.


Back-end Development


It is the server-side development which includes processes happening behind a website. The backend retrieves the required data when the user double-clicks on the text. 


The frontend ensures that the user receives the information in the proper format while the backend executes user requests. To construct the web page operation, a back-end developer employs data management strategies, server hosting tools, coding languages, and back-end frameworks.


What is Software Development?


Software development is a procedure for designing computer systems. It contains the ideation, creation, coding, documentation, mistakes testing, and debugging of computer applications.  


Moreover, software development is a program that facilitates a connection between the device and the user, for example, OS like Windows, code editors like Eclipse, a mobile game like PubG, software utility like a screen saver, computer drivers and software like MS Office. 


There are primarily two sections of software development, i.e. application software means apps for users, and system software means programs for running a system. Today, with the evolution of technology, software development has the following types.


  • Application Development - Involves creating applications for tasks like planning jobs, video calling, writing and editing apps, or even a game. Also, the apps are hosted on multiple platforms like browsers, desktops, phones, TVs and other smart gadgets. 
  • System Softwares - System software creates software at the system level like operating systems, disk administration, services, and hardware surveillance.
  • Web Development - As explained above, it involves developing websites and web applications that you can host on a server and access at any time on any browser. 
  • Cloud Computing - The development and management of cloud storage and its related services and applications. Popular cloud storage services are Dropbox and Google Drive. 
  • Security Engineering - Security engineering development is an evolving field of software development that concerns user privacy. Security engineers test and see loopholes in security to shield the software from hackers. 
  • Mobile Development - It creates applications, especially for mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches.
  • Embedded Systems - Writing code for hardware and non-computer devices is the focus of this area of software development. Engineers incorporate software into various gadgets, including microwaves, digital watches, etc.
  • API Development - APIs are extensible programming interfaces. You can create an application that works perfectly by combining the appropriate APIs.

Web Developer Vs Software Developer


Now that you have understood the differences between software and web development, let’s look at the distinction between the responsibilities of a web developer and a software developer.


Software developers’ responsibilities include -  


  • Creating software solutions according to client’s requirements 
  • Designing algorithms and coding the application logic
  • Understanding project capacity and selecting the right technologies and tools
  • Advising software updates to enhance existing systems
  • Robust documentation abilities for new software applications
  • Designing and executing new tests for separate software program
  • Creating and correcting databases 


Web developers’ responsibilities include – 


  • Correcting wireframes and designs into a functional user interface for the website or web app
  • Coding application logic, handling databases and servers utilising web frameworks 
  • Developing cross-platform web apps with responsive layouts
  • Testing the websites and extracting errors
  • Updating existing websites with fresh attributes
  • Working with content management tools, code editors and other web development solutions
  • Cooperating with customers and team members


Software Development Vs Web Development at One Glance


now examine the comparisons between web development and software development at one glance. 


Software Development

Web Development

It includes software that is client-based only.

Web-developed websites and applications are mainly client-server-based.

The software designs are usually easy and straight.

The web content is structured primarily in graphic design. 

Software development lets you perform coding without script language.

In web development, you’ll need to use scripting mainly to develop apps.

In this, the software does not need to host.

Web applications require hosting via the internet or intranet.

Software applications are incredibly potent.

Web applications are not much robust.

In this, the software is developed for a specific platform.

In this, web applications are designed for cross-platform.

Software is generally static.

Web apps are usually created with dynamic pages.

Software development has limited customisations for applications. 

Web-designed applications have a comprehensive range of customisations.

Software applications do not require too much security.

Web applications need more protection from viruses, malware and hackers.




In this guide, we have covered the fundamental differences between software development and web development. So we hope now that you must obtain a precise idea regarding the roles and requirements of both technologies and which one you should prefer for your business. 


If you are still unsure on which path to go, contact Noetic today. With experience in both fields, our software engineers can help you determine which system will suit your demands, goals, and budget the best.

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